Date: 28th March 2023 | 2PM BST

Putting People First: Achieving Successful Change Management

Change management is essential for organisational success, but it can often be challenging to get employees to support new initiatives. Change fatigue amongst teams is a prevalent issue, as employees grow increasingly resistant to yet another round of upheaval. If leaders can identify the signs of fatigue early and involve employees in the change process, it can drive employee buy-in and commitment.


How should people leaders communicate organisational goals and benefits to increase employee engagement in the change management process? What metrics and data points should be prioritised to measure employee buy-in? Join this virtual roundtable to learn how to take employees on the change management journey so they don’t only understand the need for change, but also feel invested in the outcome.

Join this virtual roundtable to explore: 

  • How to spot the signs of change fatigue?
  • What support organisations should provide to employees during the transition period to minimise the negative effects of change fatigue?
  • Spotting and addressing the potential resistance to change?
  • How to effectively involve employees in the implementation of change through feedback, input, and opportunities to participate?

Which metrics and data points to rely on to measure success and how to use them to make improvements where necessary? 

Date: 28th March 2023 | 2PM BST

Date: 08th June 2023 | 2PM BST

Combating 'Quiet Quitting' Through Employee Empowerment Techniques

Helping employees find their purpose, gain a better work-life balance, and improve leadership capability can mitigate the phenomenon of "quiet quitting". Identifying and addressing the root causes of quiet quitting requires a holistic approach that addresses both the individual needs of employees and the organisational culture. To do so, leaders must concentrate on encouraging employees to explore their purpose in line with the company’s mission, whilst investing in leadership training supports employees in their ability to lead, communicate, and motivate their teams.


How can leaders identify and address potential problems before they result in employees leaving quietly? What methods can leaders consider to encourage employees to openly communicate their concerns to management? Join this virtual roundtable to identify, address and mitigate the causes of quiet quitting to foster a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Join this virtual roundtable as we explore how to:

  • Evaluate culture and policies to identify underlying factors that can lead to quiet quitting.
  • Use employee feedback and evaluations to address issues before they lead to quitting.
  • Implement strategies to foster a sense of belonging and community.
  • Provide opportunities for employee career development to prevent disengagement.

Create an open-door policy and support for employees struggling with stress or burnout.

Date: 08th June 2023 | 2PM BST

Session closed

Klaus Scheile

VP Learning & Development for T-Systems International

Klaus Newen Scheile is a highly regarded HR senior leader who is deeply committed to empowering employees and fostering an environment that nurtures their growth. With an extensive background of over two decades in HR, Klaus currently serves as the VP of Learning & Development at T-Systems International.

Klaus excels in facilitating impactful discussions among HR professionals and industry leaders, recognizing the importance of addressing the root causes of disengagement. He is dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and stimulating workplace that promotes loyalty and enhances productivity. Passionate about driving positive change in the HR field, Klaus engages with HR professionals both online and in-person. He actively shares insightful articles, initiates thought-provoking conversations, and is recognized as a trusted advisor in his efforts to empower employees.


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