A Series of 4 roundtables

Roundtable 1

Driving Better Working Practices Through the Realignment and Reprioritisation of People Managers

Roundtable 2

Setting Collaborative Practices That Drive Productivity And Support Better Employee Experiences

Roundtable 3

Creating An Internal Talent Powerhouse – Mastering Skills Development For The Re-Engagement Of Employees

Roundtable 4

How Leadership-Driven Communication Strategies Can Transform Employee Engagement

Roundtable 4

How Leadership-Driven Communication Strategies Can Transform Employee Engagement

Effective communication is essential for HR leaders to build trust, engage employees, and drive success in a rapidly changing business environment. As businesses continue to evolve at lightning speed, their needs and objectives are changing in tandem, leaving people leaders struggling to effectively align their communication strategies to new business goals and priorities. Business leaders are the crucial link in communicating evolving requirements to employees and if executed effectively can serve as a powerful tool for improving employee engagement.

What strategies can HR leaders use to help business leaders become more effective in communicating business priorities to employees? How can HR leaders measure the effectiveness of business leaders in communicating with employees, and what metrics should be used? Join this intimate virtual roundtable to understand how to mobilise your leadership teams to utilise their role as the central communication nexus between the business and employees to transform employee engagement levels by fostering a sense of trust, respect, and empowerment among workforces.

This virtual roundtable will:

  • Explore how to effectively communicate the importance of communication strategies to leadership teams.
  • Discuss how to support leaders to align their messages with company objectives.
  • Explore how to balance effective communication with the risk of overcommunication, and ensure employees receive necessary information without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Establish how to create a feedback loop to improve communication strategies for evolving employee and leadership needs.
  • Understand the steps that can be taken to balance the advantages of automating simple communication tasks while retaining a human touch.

Date: 4th May 2023 | 3PM BST

Event Moderator

Caitlin Kinsella

Group Director of Responsible Business, D&I and Employee Engagement, Capita

Caitlin is a people-centric leader with over 20 years experience in human resources, transformation, culture change, communications and responsible business. She’s worked across the public, private and non-profit sector in Australia and the UK, and is firm in her belief that organisations can deliver high-quality outcomes without compromising on purpose, respect or values. She’s a regular speaker and thought leader, particularly in the fields of purpose, inclusion and culture. Caitlin also represents Capita on Business In the Community’s cross-industry UK taskforce on the cost of living. Caitlin is a proud mum to twin two-year old girls, and is determined to help make the world of work a better, fairer and more inclusive place for everyone by the time her children join the workforce. 

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